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Welcome to our team dedicated to serving senior citizens, where compassionate care meets expertise! At Healthwise Medical Group, we understand the unique healthcare needs of older adults and strive to provide personalized, comprehensive services that promote health, wellness, and independence. With our team of experienced medical professionals and a patient-centered approach, we are committed to enhancing the quality of life for seniors in our community. 

Online Intake Form

We look forward to seeing you and want to make your first visit as easy as possible.  You may come to the office 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment to complete the patient intake form or you may complete an online patient intake form right here.  Need help completing the form? You can ask our online assistant, Rhonda, to give you a hand.  She can fill in the form and answer questions for you.  Just say “Help me, Rhonda” or “I need help with the form” and Rhonda will talk you through the process.  

Comprehensive Geriatric Care

Our geriatric care specialists have specialized training in managing the complex medical conditions often faced by seniors. From preventive care to chronic disease management, we offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet the individual needs of each patient. Our goal is to promote healthy aging and optimize overall well-being.

Dedicated Primary Care Physicians

Our compassionate primary care physicians serve as the trusted point of contact for seniors, providing regular check-ups, preventive screenings, and managing chronic conditions. They take the time to listen, understand, and address the unique concerns and challenges faced by older adults, ensuring personalized care and continuity.

Specialized Senior Services

We offer a variety of specialized services designed specifically for seniors. These include geriatric assessments, memory evaluations, fall prevention programs, medication management, and coordination of care with other specialists. By focusing on the specific needs of older adults, we aim to enhance their health, safety, and overall quality of life.

Home Healthcare

We understand that many seniors prefer to receive care in the comfort of their own homes. That's why we offer home healthcare services, bringing our expertise and compassionate care directly to our patients' doorstep. Our skilled professionals provide medical assistance, rehabilitation support, medication management, and help with activities of daily living, allowing seniors to maintain their independence and age gracefully at home.

Collaborative Approach

At Healthwise Medical Group, we believe in a collaborative approach to healthcare. We work closely with patients, their families, and other healthcare professionals to develop personalized care plans that align with each individual's goals and preferences. By fostering open communication and coordination, we strive to deliver comprehensive, holistic care that addresses all aspects of a senior's well-being.

Health Education and Support

We believe that knowledge is empowering. Through health education programs and resources, we empower seniors and their families to make informed decisions about their health. Additionally, we offer support groups and counseling services to address emotional and social challenges commonly experienced by older adults, ensuring their overall well-being.

At Healthwise Medical Group, we are dedicated to serving our senior community with excellence, compassion, and respect. We invite you to experience our patient-centered approach to care and entrust us with your healthcare needs. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or learn more about our services. Together, we can embark on a journey towards healthier and happier aging.

Online Patient Intake Form

Please complete this intake form prior to your first visit.  Ask Rhonda for help if you need it; just say “Help me Rhonda” and she’ll be at your service.

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